What version of windows do i have

What version of windows do I have?


You must need to that what version of windows do you have? It’s so easy to check the windows version which is running on your device.


Check Windows version in Windows 10

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Goto setting -> System -> About.
  3. You can see it under device specifcations->system Type. check window edition version under windows specifications.


What is the latest version of Windows 10?

Microsoft releases the latest version of Windows 10 on 27, May 2020, Microsoft used to release major update and fixes after every six months.it is windows 10, 2004 version. this version released in half of 2020 during development the update code is “20H1


How to update windows 10 version?

  1. Press the start button placed at the button left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on setting icon
  3. Now click Update & Security
  4. Locate and click on windows update placed at the left navigation bar.
  5. Now tap on check for update button to check avail update.

If your windows have a previous version it will check, download, and install the update automatically.

Are you working with your windows right now?

now you do not want to restart your windows for updates?

Microsoft adds a useful “Schedule the Restart” feature To avoid the interruption during working. you can easily set a schedule by click on schedule the restart link.

  1. Now click on the toggle button to turn it on
  2. Now Pick a time to restart
  3. After time now Pic a day


Restart and update to stay in support

Are you still getting message “restart and update to stay in support” This is because you are using an old version of windows 10. now Microsoft stops support for the old version, your new version is download and ready to install now you need to restart to update your windows version to stay in support.

you can follow about guide to check your windows 10 version if it is the previous version.  then go for the latest version you should follow the below guide to check for windows version updates and schedule restart or now or schedule your windows to update.

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