Skype Chromecast


Skype Chromecast is possible. You can cast the screen of your android phone,iPhone, laptop or MAC just connect chrome caster to your device and go to your device setting here you find a cast option. just click on cast screen here you can Chromecast and display on your TV.

Chromecast is useful and it is a PASSIVE HDMI video steamer. you can easily use cast function to view your call on your TV but you still need to carry your device. because it is not two-way there is no mic and nor user interface and you must have an active connection on your device to continue streaming and make call possible Chromecast is one of the craziest features to make a video call More intrusting which make Skype more useful.

Skype Chromecast Requirements

Skype Chromecast requires a chrome caster device on your TV and you can download a Skype application from the app store, play store or any store you have. or it can be downloaded from then download and install this app on your smartphone, iPhone, laptop or in your other device you have. Now tap on installed app.when it runs select cast screen option to Skype Chromecast. now select your TV and click on the Connect button then accept the pairing request from your now it got paired and ready to use. open the skype application in your device and login skype with your account if you do not have an account you can signup skype. after login, you can make a video call with your contacts and can Enjoy Skype Chromecast feature easily. You can continue to use Skype on your computer, phone, tablet and Skype Chromecast on TV or browser to keep in touch with friends and family for free unlimited Video & Audio Calls and Instant messaging.



Skype Chromecast video call by TV App

Connect your TV to an active internet connection and connect the webcam which is not provided by default in most of the TV. You have to connect it separately with the open Skype TV app on your TV. Once a Skype TV application is running you need to login Skype with your credentials on your TV. To make a call you need your own Skype account  if you do not have a Skype account you can easily signup to Skype. once your contacts accept your invitation. you can select your contact and click on the video call button to make a call.

More about Skype

There are more hidden features like Skype Push to talk and Skype Chromecast in a skype app which people don’t know about them. if you don’t have a skype account or you don’t have a skype application you can download a skype application and create a skype account get a complete guide about the skype login. and skype amazing and useable features.



Skype Login

Skype offers you to login with your Facebook account. skype fetch all the information from your Facebook account. you need to create a username and password only. Once you logged in to skype you can make a video call audio call and avail instant messaging service, skype push to talk, Skype Chromecast, skype for business and more useful feature. Features

Skype is the best way of video and audio calling. you can attend the conference and business meeting over skip. Skype provides you a vast range of its features and plugs. some of its features are common but some features of Skype are hidden and peoples don’t know about that yet. you can use Skype on your iPhone, android, mac, windows and all over platforms. it is cross. application. the best feature of Skype is that we can use it online on internet browser provides most of the features online on web site. we can also use plugins and app which is linked with Skype. for Skype click to call we use Skype click to call extension. click to call application with Skype application to identify the numbers on a web page.