how to take a screenshot in windows

It is effortless to take screen shop in windows without any we tell you about how to take a screenshot in windows and locate follow the guide.

Take Screenshot in windows without software


  1. Open window which you want to capture in Screenshot(SS).
  2. Press and hold the window button and press the PrtScn(print screen) button. Now release both buttons.
  3. Open This PC(My Computer) and visit libraries->pictures.
  4. Here you find a new folder named “screenshots.” your Screenshot will save in the same folder.

Are you having a problem with the above step? No issue!
Here is another to take Screenshot in windows. There is a builtin software named “snipping tool” which is by default installed in newer windows that make it easy to take Screenshot. Follow the step to take Screenshot in windows by snipping tool.

Take Screenshot in windows with software


  1. Open window which you want to take a Screenshot.
  2. Press the window key and search for the snipping tool and open it.
  3. Now click on the new button.snipping tool
  4. Hold right-click and select the area you want to capture in the Screenshot and release the right click.
  5. Now press ctrl + S to save .choose a suitable location and name and click on save button to save the Screenshot
  6. Go to your chosen folder. You will find your Screenshot, which is taken by the snipping tool.

The snipping tool provides the variable image size and area according to your need. You can save it any custom location. It is the best way to take Screenshots in can set the delay on the option for more settings. There are four modes of taking a screenshot in snipping tool

  • Free-form snip.
  • Rectangular snip.
  • Window snip.
  • Full-screen snip.

Free form snip: it helps you to take Screenshot in any size shape or area on the screen.

Rectangular snip: it allows you to take Screenshot in a rectangle shape of any size and anywhere on the screen

Window snip. It helps the user to take a screenshot of a specific window.

Full-screen snip. it helps the user to take a screenshot of the whole screen

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