Connect JazzCash to Payoneer

JazzCash to Payoneer

You can connect your JazzCash account direct to the Payoneer to withdraw your Payoneer funds. Payoneer the best option for the freelancer, to receive their payment around the world and now they do not need a bank account to withdraw their earning. The exchange rate is given by jazz cash is also mind-blowing. it’s really beneficial for those who do not have a local bank account to Connect JazzCash to Payoneer to withdraw funds.

Note: Make sure your Payoneer account is fully verified. if it is not verified so submit the required docs and do it as soon as possible.

connect JazzCash to Payoneer

  • How to connect JazzCash to Payoneer to withdraw funds?

1. launch a JazzCash application and login with your account.
2. Locate and tap on the Payoneer option, which is given in the application dashboard.
3. It will redirect you to the login page of the Payoneer.
4. Here, you have to log in with your username and password. It takes some time to complete the sync and setup. after that, you can withdraw your fund from the Payoneer account to the JazzCash account.

  • How to withdraw funds from Payoneer to JazzCash?

1. launch your JazzCash application. log in with your credentials.
2. after successful login tap on the Payoneer icon.
3. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw from your Payoneer account. It will convert the written amount in your local currency according to the current exchange rate.
4. Make sure you have enough funds in your Payoneer account.
5. Now tap on the transfer button to transfer funds to your account.
6. After successful transfer, you will get a text message from JazzCash that means the amount is credit in your JazzCash account and you can also see it on the dashboard of JazzCash application.