Change Skype Name

Change Skype Name

Change skype name is required by every user. Its a common feature of the application. After reading this article, you’ll be able to change skype name. First of all Your display name is different from your skype username which is created at the time of signup account. You can switch user skype name (Display name ). You are unable to change your username once created. The display name is that which is displayed in your contact’s friends list. If you want to change your skype username, you need to change user email. It’s only one way to modify your case you have none email-based username that can’t change unless you create a new account. Which lose your contacts in previous skype account you need to add them again.

Change Skype Name on Windows & MAC

Here is a guide for windows and mac users to change skype name.

First of all, launch your skype application. Login with your account if not logged in yet. You need to click on profile image or your skype display name, and these are placed on the top left of the Skype application. Now click on skype profile displayed on the screen. The popup window appears in the middle of the screen. There will be a pencil edit icon display. Click on the pencil edit icon. Here you can change skype name which is the display name of skype. After edit display name, the name press enters or return or click the checkmark to save your display name. now you have successfully change skype name in windows and mac

Change Skype name on website.

Browse and login with your skype account. Click on your display profile picture or display name in the top right corner of the screen of skype web application. You see the dropdown menu you need to click on My account. Now click on Edit Profile to edit your profile information. When edit profile clicks, it displays the text field of your name and other information. You can write your new display name in name file to change. Click on done to save your information along with your entered name in the text field. Now your name will be changed, and skype will display your updated display name.



Change Skype Name on Mobile.

here is a guide for mobile application users of Skype.

First of all, you need to download the Skype application in your cellphone from the app store or play store. After installing Skype application in your cellphone launch it. You need skype account to login to skype, after login click on your skype profile image which displays on the top of the screen. Just tap on your display picture or tap on your skype username. Now you need to tap pencil edit icon which displayed top right of the screen. It allows you to change skype name. Type a new skype display name which you want to set on skype. Tap on Done or check icon display on the right-hand side of the display name. You have successfully changed your displayed name.



Change Skype Name with Skype for Business.

Skype for business users. Skype create different rules and regulation to provide better service to its users. Skype for Business user can not change their display name because his/her name is assigned by the admin or owner of the business or IT department. So they need to contact to change their skype for Business display name. Skype name this rule only for its business users to provide the best of user experience and make application easy to use without any violence.

More features of Skype

Here are some different platforms where you can use Skype. You can use Skype in Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox and also in Alexa. Skype Offer you their toll-free numbers. You can purchase Skype credit. Now you are able to set your custom display number if you did not net Skype custom number. Skype shows random number while calling over IP. You need Skype account to purchase Skype credit. Skype did not support calling on emergency numbers. My Skype number you are able to receive the call from the local cellphones number, and you can call all over the world by Skype number. You just need Skype credit to make a call. Skype has a very vast range of Features like Skype click to call, push to talk skype, Skype Chromecast, etc.the user of Skype you should know all the feature of skype it has a handy feature which makes communication easy and most straightforward. you can visit Skype support